3 East Spring St.

Welcome to "Ivy League". This duplex features a 2 bedroom unit downstairs with it's own living room, bathroom, full kitchen, and washer/dryer that is licensed for 2. The upstairs unit features 3-4 bedrooms depending on how it is set up a with 2 full baths, washer/dryer, and fully equipped kitchen and is licensed for 6. Most of the flooring was replaced in 2018. This house can be rented as one large group of 6-8 or separately. Great location with a large front porch on a prime corner of SW Spring Street. There is plenty of off-street parking. Offers a kitchen stocked with a dishwasher, garbage disposal, oven, pantry, and refrigerator. This property has central air conditioning and is walking distance to downtown. It is close to campus and there is plenty of street parking available. The exterior is a cute, baby-blue color that brightens your day every time you look at it! The light color scheme on the interior of the house helps keep natural light in. The rooms are very spacious and have lots of storage space.
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